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Challonge Premier

For players of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game in Australia

When creating tournaments:
-              In ‘Host’, Select ‘Final Fantasy TCG Australia’ (this is very important)
-              Name your tournaments: *Store Name* Final Fantasy *date*
-              Format must be Swiss
-              Point System is 3 win / 0 tie / 0 loss / 3 bye


When running tournaments:
-              Enter your participants names in ‘Participants’, then click ‘Bracket’ to view pairings
-              Hit the ‘Start Tournament’ button when you’re ready to start.
-              Matches can be either ‘best of 1’ or ‘best of 3’
-              Ensure the winning players name is selected as well as the points for each match
-              Latecomers cannot be added without resetting parings

The Final Fantasy TCG is proudly distributed and managed in Australia by VR Distribution